Take-Home Pottery Kits From All Fired Up Are The Perfect Quarantine Project

May 18, 2020

Even though we have been in quarantine for what feels like forever, many families are still looking for fun, new activities to keep everyone engaged. One great way to make memories and have fun together at home is by creating a functional piece of art with a paint your own pottery take-home kit from All Fired Up’s studios. You could compare these kids to ordering takeout, but with pottery, paint, and instructions. After picking up your kit, you go home and create a hand painted piece of art. Once you’re done painting just your items back to the studio and they throw it in the kiln (essentially a large “oven” that seals the paint and dries it onto the piece) and the studio will call you to let you know when it is ready for pickup! The pottery functions as a great canvas for you and your kids to express some of your creativity with.  All Fired Up has been a place for creativity to flourish in Richmond since 1996. All Fired Up is a locally owned small business that takes great joy in inspiring others to express themselves through the arts! Our store is offering take-home PYOP kits during quarantine.

These kits are a fantastic way to break up the monotonous routine of quarantine. During this time period, even the simplest change in routine can inspire great joy for your family! It’s the perfect way to let your kids release some creative energy and as everyone is homeschooling, painting pottery is a great way to incorporate art into your at-home learning activities. 

These projects give your kids the chance to imagine what they want their piece to look like, then do the work of creating the art they are hoping to make, and they offer them the chance to grow patience as they have to wait for the items to be fired in the kiln. 

While socializing is limited in this season, All Fired Up has also created “party packages” so friends could celebrate and paint together over zoom.  This would make a great “girls night in” Zoom hangout too! Everyone selects a project and paints together over Zoom.  Painting pottery would even make a “date-night-at-home” feel a lot more special! We all need some social outlets to distract us from our current situation.  

Check out All Fired Up’s online store and bring home a little joy with Paint Your Own Pottery! 



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