New Years Inspiration

December 28, 2019

Looking for some inspiration for the New Year? Why not let ART be your muse. We love the idea of taking something you use everyday and transforming it into a wonderful reminder to keep a positive attitude as the New Year gets rolling.  How about taking a plate or platter and making something beautiful out of it! Let your creation be the thing that is a daily reminder to you to keep things in the proper perspective in the New Year! 

Here is what you need and some steps to help you get started on your New Years inspirational platter. 


Large platter or plate (depending on preferred size)

Fan brush

Plain paper

Thankful pattern (or pattern for other words that will inspire you such as blessed, grateful, choose joy, etc.)


Tracing paper


Liner brush


Coffee, White, Black


Red, Lobster, Green Ash, Sandalwood, Jolly Green

Step 1: Dilute the Coffee and separately the White color with water to a milky consistency. 

Step 2: Using fan brush, coast the entire platter in 2 coats of the diluted Coffee color.  Top with the diluted White all over.

Step 3: Rip pieces of paper into large leaf shapes.

Step 4: Paint one lead shape with 2 coats of one oth the Pottery Glaze colors. While still moist, press the shape glaze side down on the rim of the platter. Remove the paper.

Step 5: Repeat around the rim, alternating colors, removing each leaf before using a new one.  Allow to dry. 

Step 6: Trace the lettering with a pencil.  Position the tracing in the middle of the platter and trace the letter with a Sharpie to transfer the design.

Step 7: Use a liner brush to paint the letters with 3 coats of black.

Step 8: Clear glaze and fire. 

(Materials and Steps taken from CCSA today magazine) 

Walk-in or call to reserve a table to create your own New Years platter. All of us at All Fired Up wish you an amazing New Year!  Thanks for all your support over 2019 and we look forward to a wonderful 2020. 

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