Pottery Painting

From small figurines to large serving platters, we have an extensive selection of unfinished pottery – our version of the blank canvas. Come choose a piece of bisque and start painting today!

Choose the item you wish to paint

We have a huge selection of unfinished pottery, or “bisque”… Sometimes the hardest part is choosing what you want to paint!  Our friendly staff will help get you started.  The price of the pottery is labeled on the bottom of each piece… No studio fees or additional costs!



Pick Your Paints and Create Your Masterpiece

Stamps, stencils, photos and idea books are all available for inspiration.



Get All Fired Up!

When your design is complete, our friendly staff will take care of
getting your piece “All Fired Up.” In 7 days, sometimes longer
during the holidays, your masterpiece is ready to be picked up!


Our pricing is simple:  The price of your pottery includes studio time, paints, use of brushes, design tools, glazing and firing, and staff assistance.  No studio or hourly fees!!

You are welcome to create for as long as you want.  If you are unable to finish your project in one visit, you may come back to finish for only a $5 return visit fee.

  • Paints and glazes are non-toxic.
  • Paints wash out of clothing with ease.
  • Instruction provided from our friendly staff.
  • Finished pieces are food safe!
  • Shipping is available.


Pottery To-Go Kits

Flying south for the winter or only for a few days? At All Fired Up you can buy any piece of pottery and pick your favorite colors to take home, to the beach, to the river, or wherever you go! Paint it up and bring it back to us to be fired.

Try one of our To-Go Kits and see how easy it is to Paint on the Go!