Glass Fusing

Create colorful dishes, serving platters and more with glass fusing. This unique artistic method allows you to embellish glassware with patterns and personalized designs!

Choose a Glass Base

Chose a size, shape and color for your base. Bases come in black, white and clear. You can choose a square or a round base in several sizes. The price of your piece depends on the base size you choose. Also, you can decide if you would like to have your glass piece slumped into a shape like a bowl, plate or votive.

Create Your Design

Glass comes in different colors and can be transparent or opaque. Shapes can be cut with tools or you can use pre-cut chips, strips, rods (pencil thick strips), noodles (thin strips) or frit (powdery glass).

Stack your glass pieces in layers, mosaic style, to the base with a little Elmer’s glue. Check out our samples or glass idea books!

Fire It Up!

Your glass will go into the kiln to be flattened or fused. If you desire to slump your glass into a shape, it will go through the kiln a second time. Please see staff to inquire about glass turn-around time.

Studio Rates

There are no studio fees with glass fusing projects! The price of the glass project depends on the base size that you choose.

  • Our staff can get you started in minutes! No previous experience or classes necessary!
  • Kid-safe glass available for glass projects.
  • Instruction provided from our friendly staff.
  • Finished pieces are food safe!
  • Shipping is available.