Help your Girl or Boy Scout earn their Ceramics Badge by holding your next meeting, party or fun outing at All Fired Up!

Your troop is always welcome to have a meeting, party or fun outing at the shop. Scouts will create a piece from wet clay, discuss the history and process of ceramics, learn multiple glaze techniques (sponging, stamping, dotting), get a behind-the-scenes tour of our shop and glaze a piece from our wide selection of bisque.

Our Junior Girl Scout program will help scouts earn their ceramic badge in just two hours!

Scouting programs can be booked in one of our party rooms, or we can arrange to meet with your troop off-site.

  • $20 per girl/boy scout
  • Two-hour time period
  • A minimum of 5 scouts is required on-site
    A minimum of 8 scouts is required for meeting off-site.

We can also design a program specific to your scouting program that will help your scouts earn their ceramic/clay patch or contribute to another art patch. Please contact us for more information.

Your troop is always welcome to have a meeting, party, or fun outing at All Fired Up even if it is not part of our scouting program. With more than 8 scouts, the troop can have a private room for two hours. Feel free to bring drinks and snacks and enjoy. The cost is $5 per scout plus the price of the piece. This rate does not include wet clay, glaze techniques, or the behind-the-scenes tour.