Our Kilns

Our kilns have their own personalities, and were named after some really cool people. Read their bios!

Short Pump


Effie is smart, hard-working and cares deeply about the pieces entrusted to her for firing. She enjoys kil’n time, chillin’ (especially after a glass fusing) and her favorite hobby of baking.


Virginia’s warm and loving spirit melts glazes and smooths the most jagged of glass pieces. She is proud of her large figure and spring-loaded top. She’ll be sure to take very good care of your piece.


Meg was transferred to the Short Pump studio in 2015 from the Carytown location. Even though she is the newest family member, her desire to fire makes her fit right in. Ceramic kilns are her strength and she loads & fires ’em right just as good as the rest of ’em.



Betty retired in 2012 as the senior kiln at our Carytown studio, a position she held with great pride.  She often told the other kilns stories of pottery-making long ago, back in the days before touch-screen panels and fast-firing modes.  But after a “meltdown” at work, Betty “re-fused” to take the heat anymore.


Edna retired in 2009 after a long career at All Fired Up.  She and Betty were close friends at the Carytown studio, having served together for many years.  Edna loved firing pottery for customers.  We didn’t want Edna to go, but she told us that she was “burned out” and ready to relax.  Like many other retirees, Edna moved to Florida, where the hot sunny days remind her of the Carytown kiln room.


Tricia has all of the best qualities you would want in a kiln–warm, gentle, and hospitable.  She enjoys seeing all of the unique and priceless pieces from our Midlothian customers, and takes great care in assuring their pieces are fired with satisfaction.  She loves the occasions when young painters get a tour of the kiln room.


Sandy has worked with Tricia at the Midlothian studio for five years.  She is an efficiency expert; always making sure customers pieces allow time to dry, heat to the appropriate temperature, and get to the pickup shelves on time.  Sandy almost fell for the prank that Cone 6 and Cone 06 are the same, but she was not convinced.