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How To Tuesday: Halloween Candy Bowl

October 8, 2013

Halloween Candy Bowl - After Firing

Halloween Candy Bowl – After Firing


  • Bisque: Medium Pasta Bowl (Plain)
  • Glazes: Black, Orange Sherbet, Tang, Parakeet, Chocolate Milk
  • Paint Pens: White, Black
  • Tools: Brushes, Paper, Scissors, Pencil


  1. Create a pumpkin stencil (fold paper in half and cut out pumpkin shape). Unfold and trim to fit in bottom of bowl as needed.
  2. Trace pumpkin image in bottom center of bowl. Add ( and ) shapes to each side of pumpkin for ridges.
  3. Using 1 coat of Orange Sherbet, follow  ( ) shapes with brushstrokes. Do not worry about staying in the lines of the pumpkin outline.
  4. Paint 2 coats of Chocolate Milk on the vine top (do not worry about staying in the lines).
  5. HalloweenCandyBowl04Carefully dampen and re-place your stencil overtop the outline of the pumpkin.
  6. Moving from the center paint 2-3 coats of Black overtop the pumpkin stencil, covering the entire inside of the bowl. Allow to dry and remove stencil to reveal pumpkin.
  7. Add handprints by generously painting the hand you wish to stamp with Tang and place it firmly inside the pumpkin. Wiggle each finger down individually to insure a good print. (This step is optional.)
  8. HalloweenCandyBowl09Use a pencil to sketch a jack-o-lantern face and fill in with two coats of Black paint.
  9. Outline the Jack-o-lantern with a White paint pen.
  10. Trace or pencil in your Halloween message above/below your pumpkin and trace over with White paint pen.
  11. Flip bowl over and coat outside with 3 coats of Parakeet.
  12.  Slightly water down your black paint and, with a large brush, flick splatters of black paint onto the bottom of your bowl as desired.
  13.  HalloweenCandyBowl22Use black thumbprints on bottom of the bowl to create thumbprint bats. (Add “cat ears” on top of thumbprint with a black paint pen. Add wings by connecting curved lines flying out and up from the body of the bat, and W’s connecting the tips back to the body of the bat. Fill in. Use white paint pen to add eyes, mouth, and fangs.)
  14. Turn bowl back over and replace the used pumpkin tracer to protect the pumpkin, and use the same splatter technique on the inside of the bowl with slightly watered down White, Tang, and/or Orange Sherbet paint.
  15. HalloweenCandyBowl15Get some black paint on a sponge and trace along the outside rim of the bowl to create a smooth, even line around the edge.
  16. Put your name or initials somewhere on your piece, and you’re done!


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