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How To Tuesday: Starry Night Tray

August 6, 2013

IMG_1487 Materials Needed:

  • Square Tray bisque
  • Pattern (at end of post)
  • Carbon Copy paper
  • Pencil
  • Assorted small brushes
  • Glaze Colors: Light Straw, Butter, Marigold, Orange Sherbet, Robin Egg, Periwinkle, Cobalt, True Blue, Midnight
  • Paint pens: Midnight, Periwinkle, Cobalt, and Light Straw


  1. Place a sheet of Carbon Copy paper, face side down into the tray (black should be touching the tray). Print and place the Starry Night pattern on top of Carbon Copy paper. Trace the all the lines from the design, pressing down firmly with a pencil. When lifted, the Carbon Copy paper will have left the pattern behind.
  2. 100MEDIA$IMAG0726Fill in the stars and swirls on the pattern with one solid coat of Light Straw. Fill in the remainder of the sky with a coat of Robin Egg glaze. Paint in the large tree and landscape in one coat of Cobalt. (Tip: You should still be able to make out the carbon copy lines at this point.) Lightly paint in the moon with one coat of Orange Sherbert. Allow to dry.
  3. Using a very small brush, use short brush strokes to create small “dashes” of paint in varying colors of yellows on the yellow sections.
  4. 100MEDIA$IMAG0743Create “dashes” of the blue paints, starting with the lightest colors (Robin Egg, Periwinkle) nearest to the yellow sections. As you move away from the “lights” start adding in the darker colors of blues (Cobalt, True Blue, and a small amount of Midnight).
  5. Use longer, flowing strokes to paint in the landscape hills with True Blue, Cobalt, and Midnight. Use the same colors to follow the wavy lines of the large tree on the left.
  6. Outline the shapes of the town with a Midnight paint pen. Highlight the tops of roofs with the Periwinkle paint pen. Shade the bottoms of buildings with a Cobalt paint pen. Fill in the windows and doorways with a Light Straw paint pen.
  7. Using a large brush, carefully paint three coats of Cobalt glaze around the edges of the tray, as well as the sides. Sign your name on the back to complete your piece!




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