Shapes that Inspire

July 2, 2010


Ever had bisque block? You’re in the mood to create but you just can’t settle on selecting which bisque piece you would like to paint? It can be the toughest part of the pottery painting process. We are here to help. Our staff can help stimulate your creative senses. Will this piece be for yourself? For your home? A gift for someone else? What’s the occasion?

Sometimes, the shape of the bisque piece itself can serve as inspiration. Here are a few examples of pieces that our customers did, inspired by the shape of the ceramic piece.

A customer took our “baby plate” and turned it into a Cookie Monster plate! The divisions on the plate inspired a section for the eyes and the mouth, with cookies around the edge.

A heart-shaped plate is turned into a chocolate covered strawberry!

A customer took our “golf mug”… a mug with a round arch in the bottom to fit a golf ball… and turned it into an elephant mug! The handle serves as the trunk!

A circular shape can inspire many different creations! Above we have examples of an 8-ball and a beach ball. Turn your dinner plate into a basketball, or the inside of an orange!

Our star-shaped plate was turned into a starfish!

Of course, you could also use stencils, stamps, trace graphics from the computer – many techniques for any bisque piece – that we will show you on this blog.

There are endless possibilities… and that makes pottery painting so much fun!

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