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Creativity, Confusion, & Surprises »

Here is a great story from one of our studios: Louise and her dad came in on a Saturday–first time guests to the studio, and baby Louise was very distinctly dressed in a pink hat with ears. They made Louise’s … Continue reading

Handmade, Heart-Felt Gifts »

Wondering how to best express your love this Valentine’s Day? They say that “actions speak louder than words,” and painting pottery is a one-of-a-kind way to express how you feel without having to say anything at all! It doesn’t have … Continue reading


Your Resolution This Year Should Be… »

Children have incredible imaginations, don’t they? They can create entire worlds out of play-doh and be entertained for hours creating planes, trains, and automobiles out of Lego building blocks. Pablo Picasso once said “Every child is an artist. The problem … Continue reading


How To: Hunger Games Mug »

  A cup of home brewed coffee a day keeps the Capital at bay! This mug is designed to remind you of your favorite tributes and to be ever vigilant in the fight against tyranny! Materials:         Black paint pen Marigold … Continue reading

Dotted Ornaments

Holiday Fun at All Fired Up! »

Pretty soon the kids will be out of school for Winter Break and/or family will be rolling in from out of town, and you need a good list of activities to keep them occupied while you continue to get ready … Continue reading