HTT: Shaving Cream Paint

July 30, 2013

Some days it’s simply too hot to even think about going outside… but the kids get cabin fever when there’s nothing new to do! Let them loose with this COOL indoor craft, designed to bring out their creativity!

Simply grab your muffin pan, dad’s shaving creme, and some food coloring from the pantry. Get the kids and mix together combinations of your food coloring a fluffy variety of shaving cream colors! (This is a great time to teach or reinforce some basic color theory: red and yellow make a beautiful orange, but red and green make brown!)

100MEDIA$IMAG1415Then, get your swimsuits on and hop in the tub for a painting party! Kids can use paint brushes or create a good old fashioned finger painting in the bathtub – and an even bigger creation if you have tiled walls!

I tried this project out with my two-year-old friend Eden, who was not terribly excited about using her fingers, but once she got ahold of the paint brush she had a great time! We showed her and practiced her simple shapes and colors, and she experimented with mixing colors and how to hold a paint brush – all great learning opportunities!

The best part is, once you’re done painting you can simply hose your art down – kids and all! What a fun way to keep cool during the summer months!


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