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Writable to-do list mug

June 2, 2009

Here’s a really clever gift idea for that “list-maker” in your life!  Get rid of your paper to-do lists and jot down your tasks for the day with your cup of joe.  We’ll show you how to create this easy notepad-like design and also show you some variations on this idea for other fun projects and gifts.

  1. You can use any style mug — here we have used our traditional 16 oz. Mug — and have painted the entire mug with three coats of yellow-color glaze (here it’s our “Light Straw” color) as a background.
  2. Give the background ample time to dry.  To create the ruled blue lines, wrap narrow strips of masking tape around the mug to cover the background.  Leave a small gap between each strip of masking tape.  The number of strips used depends on the type of mug you’re using and the thickness of the masking tape.
  3. Using a paintbrush, paint three coats of “Blue Yonder” glaze in the gaps between the strips masking tape.  The masking tape will give you the effect of a finely ruled line.
  4. While the blue glaze is drying, carefully remove each strip of masking tape.  Take great care to ensure that the masking tape does not remove the yellow background underneath.
  5. Once the blue lines are fully dry, you can create the vertical red lines.  To do this, use our “Salsa” colored paint pen.  Take a ruler and carefully paint the vertical line with your paint pen against the ruler.  Do this a second time directly to the left of the first vertical line for a double-line effect.
  6. Finally, grab a black paint pen to write “Things To Do” on the top line of the mug.  Then label each line with a number.
  7. Voila!  You now have a reusable and very cool to-do list mug!

Grab a dry-erase marker at your local crafts store to go with the mug and you have an instant gift that is unique and practical!

Variations on the idea

  • Fill in the to-do list with your black paint pen to match hobbies/activities on your gift recipient’s list for a personal touch!
  • Do the notepad “ruled-paper” effect as a gift for a teacher!
  • In addition to the to-do list, try other “write-on” ideas on a mug:  Draw a tic-tac-toe board on your mug in paint pen, or a hangman game.  Then give the mug as a gift with a dry-erase pen and you have an instant interactive game-on-a-mug!

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